Decades Past

History at a Glance:

182231 August Ursuline nuns and priest arrive in Sydney from Greenwich, London on board Duchess of Edinburgh. Manifest and voyage details.
1930Kerrielaw on corner of Rome, Warra, Taylor Streets (subdivisions 13-16 of Portion 81) purchased for €2000. Deposit €1000 balance in 12 months at 7%.
1931College opened and first classes held  with 17 students and 5 Ursuline Sisters (2 February).
College blessed by Most Reverend James Byrne (8 February).
College colours were black and gold. The badge showed a palm and an olive branch crossed under a star and surmounted by a scroll with the motto "Soli Deo Gloria" (Glory to God Alone).
1933Extensions eastwards and south of Kerrielaw including kitchen. Blessed by Most Reverend James Byrne (5 February). (Later to become boarding staff kitchenette and toilet facilities opposite staff room.)
1937Dining Room and Dormitory above built to the south of Kerrielaw erected under the supervision of Mr L Casey.
Further extensions eastwards incorporating classrooms erected under the supervision of Mr L Casey.
Queensland walnut panelling on chapel walls completed.
Dr J. Madden assisted by the Rev Stanley Skeehan, blessed the new Chapel and dedicated it to St Ursula (25 Nov).
1940Our Lady of Lourdes primary school opened and blessed by Bishop Roper (11 February).
1943Past Pupils Association formed.
1944New Recreation Hall and Sisters' accommodation built above and blessed by by Bishop Roper. 
Grotto built in front garden.
1945Founding of the Past Pupils' Organisation.
Australian Ursulines affiliate with the Roman Union.
1946First Ursuline debutante ball.
1947Two houses on corner of Taylor and West (Paterson's) and West and Rome streets purchased and sold for removal. (Later to become tennis courts.) 
Erection of tennis courts on corner of West and Taylor Streets
First annual Ball.
1953Administration Block build commenced (25 November).
1954Administration Block blessed as further extensions to east of Kerrielaw by Most Reverend William Brennan (9 April).
1955Rome Street tennis court demolished to make way for East Wing - classrooms, dormitory, sewing room, science lab, home science room, music rooms (Later A Block up and down, Art, Media, Computing) - which were dedicated as a War Memorial (25 September). 
30 Taylor Street (Clio/Margetts') purchased.
Dormitory and dining extended.
1957Cottage at 11 Rome Street cottage purchased to become Brescia primary school.
16 Rome Street received as a gift from relatives of one of the Nuns and sold for removal. 
30 Taylor Street (Clio/Margetts') moved to 16 Rome Street.
Laundry in Rome Street constructed.
1958St Bernadette statue purchased for Grotto.
Clio/Margetts' at 16 Rome Street refurbished as a Boarding House and given title of "Desenzano".
First lay teachers.
19599 Rome Street (Flegler's) purchased to become St Angela's primary school.
Kerrielaw has new balcony built with reinforced concrete pillars.
A new fence erected around tennis courts, Taylor, West and Rome Streets and also a new fence erected around the home block, on Warra and Taylor Streets, the fence on Rome Street frontage was painted to tone in to the scheme.
196134 Taylor Street (Fisher's) purchased.
1962Mother M. Agnes McDermott osu writes to Durack and Brammer, Architects and Town Planners, requesting a ground plan for possible sites for new Chapel (19 June).
32 Taylor Street (Saunders's) and 36 Taylor Street (Obst's) purchased.
196332, 34, 36 Taylor Street houses sold for removal.
Administration Block further extensions.
Mother M. Agnes McDermott osu writes a letter indicating Chapel will be built by W. & J.P. Fitzpatrick (21 March).  Chapel site blessed by Most Reverend William Brennan (5 August) and construction begins.
First Parents' Committee meeting.
1964Chapel constructed. Chapel blessed and officially opened (12 April).
1965Construction of two classrooms and dormitory (A4/5, A14/15).
19661 Rome Street purchased. (later to become bottom field).
Science Block constructed with the help from Commonwealth Government and opened by Mr Schwartz, Minister for Civil Defence, and blessed by Most Reverend William Brennan (20 November).
1968Kitchen enlarged and renovated.
1971Co-educational arrangement with Downlands College commences.
1972St Angela's and Brescia primary school buildings at 13 & 15 Rome Street sold for removal.
197318 Rome Street purchased (to become Zano Boarding House).
Deso and Zano joined by Common Room to become Desenzano Boarding House.
Primary School closed.
Library constructed with the help from Commonwealth Government and opened by Alderman Nell Robinson, Mayor of Toowoomba, and blessed by Most Reverend William Brennan (13 October).
1974Property on corner of Warra and Russell Streets purchased and playing field and volleyball courts constructed on site (known as McGovern's).
19755 Warra Street (known as Ahlan) and adjoining house facing Rome Street purchased for Music and Art houses.
1978Science Block extensions (S11 and S12).
197912 Rome Street (Dean's) purchased for Boarding staff residence.
First Serviam magazine published.
House adjoining Ahlan renovated for Music House (St Cecelia's) and Art House (Moretto Art Centre).
1980Theme for the year: Year of Jubilee....Christ's Year.
House system of boarding introduced. The names were chosen because of the significant places of St Angela's life.
Salo Boarding House and Common Room constructed above Library and extending into Administration Block.
1981Theme for the year: "Let us learn from Him what we must for His love". (St. Angela Merici)
Swimming Pool and Dressing Sheds constructed and blessed (3 May).
1982Theme for the year: Success
83 Taylor Street received as a gift and used for residence for Sisters.
Construction of Merici Block begins.
Chapel roof re-topped.
1983Theme for the year: United we progress and strive for success.
Merici Block opened and blessed by Lordship Bishop Edward Kelly (7 May).
1984Theme for the year: Open the door into 1984.
Motto for the year: At Ursula's 1984 - We'll Open the Door.
Inaugural Cross Country held.
Library computerised in memory of Sr Janet Seale osu.
Student newspaper, The Ursuline Observer, launched.
Sister Janet Seale osu Memorial Tree (Bottlebrush) planted on front lawn outside Administration Block.
198510 Rome Street purchased.
Staffroom moves into old Recreational Hall.
Bequest 31 Anzac Avenue (MacQuillan's) and used as a residence for Sisters at Our Lady of Lourdes.
1986Theme for the year: Rise and Share - Let us all combine.
1987Challenge for the year: Come one, come all, come hear the call!
Staffroom extended to Upstairs Common Room (previously Sisters' accommodation rooms).
Le Grezze moved to Highfields.
Staircase constructed at southern end of staffroom for staff access to upstairs common room (previously Sisters' accommodation rooms).

Theme for the year: Dare to Care.
40 Taylor Street purchased.
1989Theme for the year: Come together - Dance.
Art Rooms built.
Garda Boarding House constructed and opened.
Old Garda Boarding House refurbished for classrooms (A10-15, C21, C22).
Administration area refurbished.
Under the guidance of teacher, Mrs Tricia Power, students volunteer at St Stephen's Meals on Wheels during the Easter and June holidays.
1990Theme for the year: Share your gifts....make a difference.
Establishment of Le Grezze, Highfields.
Brescia Boarding House construction begins.
1991Theme for the year: Story telling.
Brescia Boarding House opened.
Old Brescia Boarding House refurbished for classrooms (A16-19).
1992Theme for the year: Heal the world.
Purchase of 4 Rome Street for dormitory staff accommodation.
Extension of Merici Block.
1993Theme for the year: New beginnings.
Conversion of Salo Boarding House into Upstairs Library, Computer Area and Media facilities.
Extension to Staffroom.
Re-establishment of Senior School.
1994Theme for the year: Vision.
Desenzano Boarding House re-located to 10 and 12 Rome Street. Deso upgraded with common room underneath.
Deborah Jean Real Memorial tree (Cape Chestnut) transplanted to 40 Taylor Street.
Brudazzo Block constructed and blessed and "Vision" sculpture positioned in its foyer.
Farewell garden party for College Principal, Sr Leone Pallisier osu.
1995Theme for the year: Dare to Dance.
Construction of new Kitchen, and opened and blessed by Father Tony O'Keefe.
70 West Street purchased for boarding staff accommodation.
1996Theme for the year: Story.
2 Rome Street purchased for boarding staff accommodation.
1997Theme for the year:The Gift
Purchase of shop on corner of Rome and Warra Streets.
70 West Street sold.
Assistant Principal - Business and Finance created to accommodate growing student enrolments

Theme for the year: Dream
Parents & Friends Association landscape front garden with paving, lighting, sandstone blocks and seating.
Language Department shifts teaching area to Science Block.
Fern Alley and old Language Rooms converted into Art area connected to existing Art Rooms.
Lantern received as gift from Fujisawa, Iwate, Japan.

Bougainvillea Room (Boarders' Dining Room) construction commences.
Purchase of Flats 1 & 2 at 14 Rome Street.
Jean Hurley Memorial Tree (Grafted Flowering Gum) planted Desenzano back yard.
Sr Helen Dyson, Assistant Principal Boarding departs for twelve months to participate in an Ursuline Renewal program.
New College banner unveiled
Theme for the year: the Well.
Opening of Bougainvillea Room.
Refurbishment of old Dining Room and Rainbow Alley into extended staff facilities.
Sr Anne Surtees farewelled.
Inaugural Grandparents' Day and Gourmet Dinner.
Delivery of new College bus.
New College banner.
Walkway connecting laboratories in S Block to those in M Block.
2000Theme for the year: You Are Invited. 
Purchase of 6 Rome Street.
Purchase of Flat 3 14 Rome Street.
Launch of College website
Compactus installed in Upstairs Resource Centre for Bookhire.
Reflection pool laid in B Block courtyard celebrating 'Arts for the Millennium' (Centenary of Federation Queensland - Vision Millennium Awards funded program).
2001Theme for the year: Tapestry.
Celebration of 70 Years.
Time Capsule buried outside the Chapel.
Purchase of Flat 4 14 Rome Street.
Closure of Desenzano Boarding House.
2002Theme for the year: Faces of peace.
Desenzano Boarding House sold for removal. Deso went to Mt Meed and Zano to Reis Road, Highfields.
Jean Hurley Memorial Tree transplanted to Garda front yard.
Resurfacing of Tennis Courts on corner of West and Taylor Streets.
Salo Centre Project launched (2 August).
2003Theme for the year: Seekers and Followers of a Star.
Salo Centre blessed by Most Reverend William Morris (22 August).
2004Symbol for the year: the Clown.
Theme for the year: Life - to the Full.
Refurbishment of upstairs A Block for Learning Support & Counsellor's Rooms, M11/M12 to Computer Rooms, C11/12/13 to Media areas.
2005Symbol for the year: Hands.
Retail Shop opens.
Concert Grand Kawaii RX Series Piano gifted to Music Department by Ursulines in memory of Sr Margaret (Peg) Short osu.
2006Theme for the year: Companions on the journey.
Wall mural commissioned.
2007Theme for the year: Healing our world.
Kerrielaw re-roofed.
2008Theme for the year: Become advocates of change.
Merici Courtyard (Piazza) redesign blessed by Most Reverend William Morris (22 February).
White Standard Roses planted in memory of Rose Bol, Lucy Wagner and Sarah Blades in front lawn rose garden.
2009Theme for the year: Be more.
Rome Street refurbishment blessed (28 August).
2010Theme for the year: Walk in another's shoes.
2011Theme for the year: Connecting with Life.
Camellia planted in Japanese Garden on front lawn by Year 12 students on Memory Day.
English Oak tree planted on front lawn to commemorate 80 years.
2012Theme for the year: Building Bridges.
Chintoo, Itichica, Jarara, Toolangatta and Wiyu Houses become Carita, Fiducia, Speranza and Stella (13 November).
Cream hat with St Ursula's band and short stripes socks introduced as part of student uniform.
2013Theme for the year: Circles of Life.
Staffroom, staff lunchroom and Administration area refurbished.
2014Theme for the year: Go into the deep.
Northern wing of Brudazzo Block is refurbished for Year 7 classrooms.
Tuckshop moves to Boarders' Dining Room (the Bougainvillea Room).
Science labs refurbished.
Brescia Boarding House dormitory rooms refurbished.
Navy hat with St Ursula's band introduced as part of student uniform.
Year 12 students planted two Crabapple Trees on front lawn outside Administration Block.
2015Theme for the year: Weaving our stories.
ANZAC Garden dedicated (23 April).
Reburbishment of C21/C22 Computer Rooms to Cielo Art Gallery.
Official opening and blessing of refurbishments to staffroom, staff lunchroom, Administration area, Brudazzo Block, Science labs, Brescia Boarding House and Salo extensions by Bishop Robert McGuckin, Bishop of Toowoomba (12 November).
2016Theme for the year: Faces of Angela.
Akubra navy hat with St Ursula's band introduced as part of student uniform.
New signage erected onto Administration Building, Brudazzo Block and Salo (23 May).
"Cairndhu" at 20 Rome Street purchased.
2017Theme for the year: From little things.
Reburbishment and opening of new Languages Centre.
Library refurbished with new carpet and furniture.
2018Theme for the year: Seekers and searchers.
Refurbishments to Brescia Boarding House begin in January and are opened on 17 April.
Solar panels installed on The Salo Centre roof on 2 March.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students create mural on eastern A Block wall on 13 March. 
Library refurbished with new shelving, circulation desk, quiet room and painting.
"Cairndhu" at 20 Rome Street demolished.
2019Theme for the year: Every face has a place....Serviam.
2020Theme for the year: Every face has a place....Serviam
Framed images of College Principals, Superioresses and Prioresses created. 
Refurbishment of Boardings' Dining Room.
2 Rome Street sold for removal.
Installation of traffic speed indicator in Rome Street.
Establishment of green space on western side of Brudazzo Block.
Flats at 107 West Street demolished.

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